How much do you know about Christmas?

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“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” ―Norman Vincent Peale

merry-christmasChristmas is the time of merry-making. Everyone in the UK waits for this festive season throughout the year.It time when people spend a lot on gifts, presents, and travel. You can’t stop yourself from buying the spectacular items displayed in the market. The Christmas tree, gift items and the parties aretootempting to be left out. There are also people who celebrate the day by travelling to theirfavourite destinations. Christmas generally meansdecorating Christmas tree, exchanging gifts and singing Christmas carols. But do you know in the early days there was no Christmas day celebrationon 25th December,as the early Christians were not sure of the birthdate of Jesus Christ? More than that, there was no mention of Christmas day in the Bible too?It was only in the 3rd Century when the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine, announced that 25th December would be celebrated as Christmas Day. Yet for afull-fledged celebration, the early Christians had to go through many controversies and barriers. Finally, after overcoming these arduous situations,Christmas day celebrationsbecame grand since 1800.

Importance of Celebration: Christmas day is celebrated to honourthe birthday of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated in a magnificent way with families since then. Decorating Christmas treeand exchanging cards became a trend since Prince Albert and Queen Victoria’s 40ft decorated Christmas tree’s photo was brought into cards. Giving gifts is an old Christmas tradition, which has an old religious significance to the three wise men who brought gifts for baby Jesus Christ. Another important tradition is singing carols and songs about Santa Clause. In those days,the celebration was all about following the tradition.

Modern Way of Celebration: In modern days, Christmas celebrations are not only about eating, singing and gifting. It is more than that. Since the IndustrialRevolution, the way of celebration has modernized. The gift-giving tradition has become commercialized due to the rise of advertisement. More than celebrating with family, it has become a gift-givingtradition. According to the famous British newspaper, The Telegraph, 46 percent of 10,000 people said that gift-giving should be limited to immediate family, and 30 percent said it should be bannedaltogether for everyone but children. People are becoming more materialistic with their presents. Families and friends are judged according to their gifts. It is also affecting the lifestyle of the people.

Drawbacks of Modern Celebration: According to a report among 2000UK consumers, about 37% of them are spending the major part of their Christmas budget on gifts for others. Brits spent an average of 1149 pounds on Christmas the previous year. Due to this overspending on Christmas,around 40% of households stopped going out in January. Another 40% stopped buying new clothes to save money. Another survey report says that 1 in 10 Britons are still paying the debt of last Christmas. So, either you are buying gifts or travelling around, the expenses are always unpredictable and most of the time more than what you expect. But would you cancel your plan if you fall behind in your credit? Of course, not. It would be a disappointment for you to cancel Christmas celebration, wouldn’t it?

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Everyone prefers to live a debt free life. So it is advisable for everyone to save money every month in such achristmas123456 way so that you can have a debt-free celebration. Christmas to New Year is a week full of celebration. The more the celebration, the more is the expense. Start calculating the amount spend in this year and start saving from next year, according to that expense. It is obvious that next year the expense would be more than what it is now. So, save in such a way that even if you fall in short of credit, the money you borrow is not a huge amount. Secondly, stop spending onultra expensive gift items. Christmas is all about spending valuable time with family, not buying expensive gifts. Gifts are not valued by its price but by the love and affection that you give with the gift.

“Christmas is about reconnecting with family, sharing stories, and catching up. Presents aren’t a bad thing, but you shouldn’t be materialistic with your presents,” said Melanie Wendhausen.

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